Here is my absolute favourite salad dressing. It goes great with garden salads, bean salads, and quinoa salads, or just about any other salad you like!

You will need a dressing shaker, or large glass jar with lid, or an empty store-bought salad dressing bottle. Once you fill it with all the ingredients just give it a good shake and store in the fridge.

1 part grapeseed oil

1 part white balsamic vinegar

dijon mustard to your liking

liquid honey to your liking

Here are the measurements I use:

120 ml grapeseed oil (the one sold at No Frills is substantially cheaper than anywhere else)

120 ml white balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp dijon mustard (I use “Maille”, which you can find in most grocery stores. I purchase mine at Costco because it is much cheaper, but it is of course also a much larger jar. But I use dijon mustard in a lot of my cooking, so it goes quickly.)

2 tbsp liquid honey

What’s your favourite salad dressing?!